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Watch: Yaa Yaa demands “her flowers” after giving a stellar performance at the 3Music Women’s Brunch


Ghanaian singer, Yaa Yaa gave a stellar performance at the 3 Music Women’s Brunch on March 8th to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

Her performance of her song “No running” off her debut album, “Agogo” was eclectic and filled with energy.

According to Yaa Yaa, her “performance was in honour of all women around the world.”

Yaa Yaa’s performance on the night was directed and choreographed by women.

She had 16 energetic female dancers, 2 outstanding female choreographers, a female video director and other females on costume, accessories, as well as backing vocalists.

The beautiful singer is however not happy that her performance is not receiving the needed attention it deserves.

In a social media post, Yaa Yaa pondered over whether her hard work is worth it.

“Sometimes you wonder if the hard work is even worth it,” she wrote.

“What should we do as creatives to get the attention that we deserve,” as she asked.

Watch performance below:

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