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Tips to Planning a Family Getaway in Summer 2021


2020 was a year that caused people to reprioritize everything in their life and find ways to enjoy life at home. Public places shut down and vacations canceled by everyone. COVID changed lives, and people lost loved ones. With a vaccination finding its way to the masses, it is finally time to start planning vacations again. While cruises and international flights are still a problem, you can still expect to enjoy a family getaway by summer 2021 if you know how to plan one.

Places to Go

It will be a long time before precautions do not need to be taken when it comes to COVID, but that does not mean you cannot have a vacation. You will still want to shy away from crowded places, such as theme parks. However, destinations that offer large open spaces are ideal for families. Campgrounds, national parks, and beaches are dream locations with a variety of options. If you decide you want to add a museum or a shopping trip to your family time, make sure you still wear masks and practice social distancing.

How to Travel

Planes are fast but come with cramped spaces and lots of people. With flying and travel by trains out for transportation, many are now driving. Renting a vehicle large enough for your family and belongings is now safer than ever. Top car rental agencies, such as Hertz and Enterprise, have taken pledges to ensure all their vehicles are sanitized and safe to borrow. Driving does bring other factors into play, such as planning pitstops and allowing more time to get to your destination. Plan your trip well in advance, so the rest stops you visit are reputable companies with rigorous cleaning schedules in place. Always wear your face mask when inside any building and practice good hygiene.

Lodging Ideas

Lodging during a family vacation is easier to plan thanks to strict cleaning requirements set by the government. In highly populated areas, hotels may present the fear of too many people in small locations. Therefore, considering renting through AirBnB or other bed and breakfast locations. Campsites and cabins in remote locations are other good choices as the pandemic clears. You will want to take caution of shared areas, such as lobbies and pools, in any style of lodging you choose.

Activities Possible

Just because public places should be avoided, it does not mean you cannot have fun on a family getaway. This is the best time to plan trips that involve enjoying nature. Long hikes in national parks, suntanning on a remote beach, or simply enjoying time away from electronics make for great vacations. The goal is to make memories, so consider grabbing some board games, movies, and enjoying your family.

These tips assist in creating a vacation that does not have to be boring. The only thing that should cancel your family getaway should be if someone is not feeling well. COVID will affect our lives for a while, even with vaccinations available. Selecting trips that allow for social distancing will keep you safe, but there are still many activities available for families.

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