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The story behind the Malta Guinness 30th Anniversary commemorate label


In November 2020, Charles Okyere-Afoakwah was adjudged winner of Malta Guinness’ ‘Rekognize Design Contest’, a challenge to create an original design that would encapsulate the ideals of the brand, to commemorate the 30thanniversary of Malta Guinness.


Okyere-Afoakwah’s design was used for Malta Guinness’ special celebratory label for the cans, PET Bottles and Glass Bottles available across the country from November 2020 till March 2021.


But how did it all start? “I got to know about the competition through a mentor. She told me what Malta Guinness was doing and encouraged me to participate. I loved the theme and direction of the competition so I said why not. Plus it was also a great way to try my hands on such an exciting project,” comments Charles.

According to the graphic designer who works with Social Ghana Creative Agency, his design was basically inspired by Ghana, the brand and also the fact that he is a consumer. “The message behind my work was ‘Taste Of Togetherness’. The Malta Guinness story started out as a single seed in the ground. That seed grew, was harvested and then infused with the finest natural ingredients to form the first brewed bottle of the rich, fortified non-alcoholic malt drink loved around the nation.”


“Over the past 30 years, that bottle of wholesome goodness spread to all corners of the country and wove its way into the very essence of our culture. From Bawku in the North, to Kwahu in the East, to Tarkoradi in the West to the coastal city of Accra, all Ghanaians love Malt.  It is a sacred national treasure. Malt is more than just a refreshing drink to us- it makes up the very fabric of Ghanaian culture.”


“This fabric is woven into the heart of the artwork in the form of the Ghanaian map and forms the nexus connecting all the things Ghanaians love to her beloved Malt drink.  Dance, music, sports, education and all the things that make Ghana great are captured in this complex thread held together at the base by the iconic Malta Guinness bottle.”

“Malta Guinness has grown with us and will be there as our children grow. It is a drink that brings Ghanaians together and enhances happiness.  This work of art embodies the vibrant 30-year history of Malta Guinness in Ghana, our most beloved malt drink.”

For creating the winning design, Charles Okyere-Afoakwah walked away with a GHS 20,000 cash prize, GHS 10,000 worth of graphic design working tools and packs of Malta Guinness. “I felt blessed when my name was mentioned as the winner. For me it was a milestone in my design career so it was an amazing feeling. Seeing my work all around is a testament to God’s blessing coupled with hard work. It encourages me to forge ahead and keep on creating and expressing myself in any way I can. I am really thankful for Malta Guinness for giving me such a platform,” comments Charles.

Commenting on the importance of such an opportunity for artists and creative people in Ghana, he said: “I think it’s a great opportunity because it throws more light on the arts and design in Ghana. Malta Guinness especially given a designer such a platform shows how the arts and design field is valuable to brands and the nation as a whole.”

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