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“Salinko Wo Maame Tw3 One More Time” – Angry Funny Face Does Salinko Messy And Alleges He Beats His Wife (Video)


Just moments after a video in which Ghanaian actor, Abraham Davies aka Salinko was seen advising Funny Face to take it easy on his colleagues and the police hit social media, the latter has angrily fired back at him.

Even though Salinko condemned the actions of the officers of the Ghana police service who manhandled Funny Face before he urged him to stop insulting these people he describes as haters, that was not enough to save him from the unsavory insults of the ‘Kasoa Trotro’ show creator.

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Taking to his IG page, Funny Face said that Salinko is a nobody in the Ghanaian entertainment industry compared to him so he should not be saying silly things about him.

Nana Yaw Benson also used his favorite statement “wo maame tw3” on Salinko twice.

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He went further to say that he knows all the secrets of Salinko, only that he does not fancy coming out to speak about them and alleged in a rather shocking manner that Salinko has been beating his wife mercilessly.

Just when he was about to end his video, he warned his colleague to stay off his case before he charges on him.

Watch the video below

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