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Ghanaian mompreneur launches ‘Talkative Mom’ app, ranks number 2 in 24 hours!


Talkative Mom LLC has launched the first-ever Mom App in Ghana. The app ranked number 2 in parenting according to AppBrain, within 24 hours of its launch.

The App achieved this feat in two different categories: “Parenting Apps in US and UK”, and in the “Lifestyle App” category, competing with apps such as Pinterest. The Talkative Mom App also made it to the list of “Top 100 Apps” in the world.

Founded in March 2017 by Eno Quagraine, Talkative Mom began as a motherhood blog. Being one of the first of such blogs in Ghana, it quickly grew in popularity among young Ghanaian mothers and became the go-to platform for moms to read and also share their exciting, honest and awkward journeys as new mothers in Ghana. Fast forward to 1st February 2021, the blog has now evolved into a “Mom App” tailor-made for the young African mother, and available for free to all users.

Talkative Mom is a digital platform for mothers, with resources such as products, services and solutions relevant to women and children, to help solve challenges in the motherhood journey.

The mission of Talkative Mom is to create one platform where mothers across Africa have all their needs met.

It is a first of its kind, “Mom App” for the African mother with trusted resources, experts as well as vendors who sell products and services that can be accessed directly on one App. This App will provide solutions to help solve challenges in the journey of motherhood.

The App is set apart by its 4 incredible features:

  1. A motherhood-specific search engine (called “Mom Plug”): Users of the App can type in questions regarding parenting and view search results that are relevant to the Ghanaian context. This is the first of its kind in Ghana.
  2. Marketplace: The App features a marketplace with vendors offering a wide range of items relevant to parenting, and general lifestyle. This makes it easy for parents to find all those very important but “hard-to-find-in-Ghana” products, all in one place. The marketplace also features safe checkout for buyers via SMS.
  3. Blog: This features contributions from certified experts such as a Speech & Language Therapist, Pediatrician, Intimacy Coach, Breastfeeding Specialist, Nutritionists and more, as well as mothers sharing their own experiences.
  4. Listings: Users have access to full and comprehensive lists of essential service providers such as schools, hospitals, family-friendly restaurants, recreational centers and more. To top it off, users have the opportunity to directly contact these service providers through the App, and rate & review their experiences with them.


The Talkative Mom App is available for free to all users on Google Play and the App Store.


Connect with Talkative Mom:

Instagram: @talkative_mom

Email: info@talkativemom.com

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