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Expert Decorating Tips to Spruce Up Your Walkout Basement


So you may be thinking about transforming that dark and dusky basement of yours and bringing it to life. You wish to turn it into a cozy space that is livable and enables you and your family to enjoy the surroundings. You are tired of the dark and gloomy feeling which pours over you each time you enter that dreaded basement. Now is the time to evolve that basement and give yourself the gift of a newly renovated, comfortable, and inviting living space!

What Shall I Do?

You are set on the idea of carrying out this spectacular transformation. Maybe you wish to just inject a boost of energy into the place, brighten it up and make it a little more homely. Turn it into the space that you will be happy to escape to and catch up on that relaxation after a hard day at work. Or maybe you want to totally transform the room into something completely different. Introduce a new playroom for the children or create your own man cave. Whatever the reason you are adamant to turn this goal into a reality.


However, you are completely stumped on how to make this possible, and with the masses of ideas to spruce up your space, you could really use a little help. The team at Just DIY Decor can certainly aid you in conjuring up ideas for your walkout basement. With so many spectacular options to consider, they can help you in creating your perfect walkout basement. There are so many choices, and it can be difficult to decide on the end result you desire but do not stress guys! Here I present to you a few great ideas to fuel your imagination and get that basement renovation underway!

You Wish For a Brighter and Homely Vibe!

As basements are located on the lower ground of our property, we do tend to get that dark and shadowed feel. However, because this space feels like it is buried, it does not have to. Introduce the room to a fresh licking of paint and use brighter colors, go for white shades. Particular colors will give the illusion that the room is actually larger than it is and can also lighten up the room entirely. Also, opt for using the same or similar colors on the ceiling and for the floors or at least a shade that compliments the color used on the walls. Also choosing to use lighting such as pot lights on the ceiling is a good idea, as they will not give the effect of the ceiling being lower than it actually is.

Build Some Storage

Many people think of their basement as the ultimate place for storage. If you carry on packing your basement full of clutter, then you are never going to get the end result desired. Nobody is saying to throw everything out, all you have to do is create storage space, so you can manage items and store them in a tidy fashion. Creating more space with less visible clutter is the perfect way to start your journey of sprucing up that basement!

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Add Vibrant Colors Or Patterns When Accessorizing 

It is important when you wish to create a fresher, roomier, and brighter look that you stick with neutral colors throughout. For larger items of furniture such as sofas, tables, and any fixtures, it is best to remain with a lighter shade however, when it comes to kitting out your space with accessories, adding bolder vibrant colors and patterns will give your basement those signs of life! Go for brighter colors on items such as cushions, lamps, and rugs!

You Wish to Create a New Space Entirely!

You may be looking to renovate your basement entirely and wish to transform the space into a place the whole family can enjoy. There are many ideas when it comes to turning your dreary basement into a place you want to be. Ideas include building your own family cinema, a playroom for the children, the ultimate games room or even constructing your own personal man cave!


There are so many fantastic ideas to consider when it comes to renovating your walkout basement, the options available to transform your space are endless. It all comes down to what you and your family’s end goal is and how you can all enjoy the end results!


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