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Eno Barony recounts when she was sad, heartbroken and almost gave up on her career


Ghana’s finest rapper, Eno Barony has come far in her journey in the music industry.

The year 2020 was especially a great one for her as she released hits upon hits and bagged some international awards as well.

However, Eno Barony has not always thought that her career will go this far.

In a recent post on Instagram, the rapper recounted a time inn her life when she almost gave it up.

“MUST READ Exactly 6 years ago today i wrote this on Facebook. i gave up everything, i was hungry i was sad i was heart broken i taught it was the end for me i was done,” she wrote.

According to her, Okyeame Quophi and his wife Stacey Amoateng were the ones who called her up to say strong and keep going.

“Then I had a call from @quophiokyeame and @stacyamoatenggh and they told me why are u crying cant u see that you’ve almost uncovered the treasure from that hole you are digging why do you want to stop you are almost there don’t give UP cry all u can tonight but be strong by morning,” she added.

She continued; “@abrewa99 called she laughed she said you don’t know how big you are industry people called me this morning to ask about you they see you but you don’t see it its a journey so move on I was motivated but I still asked my self how do I move on with no money no management no fanbase.

“All I had was the talent I went ahead played shows with no pay I sometimes use needle and thread to create something new out of old dresses so i can appear good and after all this people will laugh at me for my dressing i still moved on to get interviews which I couldn’t even afford lorry fares for and after a hell of struggle to get there all they ask me for is freestyle without even promoting my tracks. I hide to sit in trotro to go for shows and when people try to video me I cry.

“Depended on my my mum and she died after two months I stopped writing my grieve was too much I still put my self together and moved till one day that i realised that everything changed.”

Eno Barony is now thankful she didn’t give up when all hope was lost.

“I can afford the things I never had wow I thank God but I think u can also push forward for something bigger you may be delayed but you will never be denied my journey still goes on watch out for the next level,” she concluded.

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