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Durable aluminium composite panel: positive facts about ACP you should be aware of


Aluminium composite panels (ACPs) are a widely recognized facade material of superior quality. Although composite sheets are a relatively new option on the market, this did not prevent them from gaining world fame and conquering designers and constructors all over the globe. It is an excellent solution for both private and commercial use because the panels are not only highly functional but also visually attractive, allowing the creation of unique interior and exterior designs.

Why is aluminium composite panel being growingly used in construction?

It is imperative to pay great attention to the decoration of the facade, especially when it comes to the appearance of business and commercial structures. Composite materials consisting of two layers of aluminum and a polymer filler located between them (therefore, such a material is also called a sandwich) are often used for cladding. ACPs offer a wide range of colors, so you can attain an appealing look even of outdated buildings, and superb operational features that ensure ideal protection against external natural and mechanical factors. Most often they are used for finishing public buildings: offices, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, gas stations.

Here are more advantages of aluminium composite panel:

  • low weight, which directly depends on the thickness of sheets;
  • panels can be combined with other materials such as glass, which makes the exterior even more attractive;
  • rigidity and strength;
  • ease of processing;
  • installation is straightforward and does not take much time, however, still should be performed by proficient experts;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • impervious to environmental influences, including solar radiation, excessive moisture, and temperature fluctuation;
  • sound insulation, as well as reliable protection against other vibrations;
  • the ability to withstand dirt;
  • hassle-free maintenance and quick cleaning from plaque, stains, debris, and dust;
  • longevity: the manufacturer’s warranty is, as a rule, 25 years.

But the strongest point that stimulates most people to pick exactly this material is the elasticity of the composite that allows it to be shaped into any form and figure by milling, rolling, cutting. It makes the material one of the most versatile options and significantly expands the scope of use. It will be difficult to find an alternative to this flexible material. In addition, energy efficiency is guaranteed since ACPs help to reduce heating costs. They prevent heat loss in the cold season and keep the building cool in summer. Investing in panels, you can reduce energy consumption throughout the year.

Analyzing the aluminium composite panel price, it worth noting that it is a good example of an advantageous combination of price and quality, so having high ROI in the long term, such a project definitely worth your money.

Wide area of application

Apart from the cladding of buildings, due to the optimal balance of stiffness and lightness, ACP is used for the restoration of objects and the creation of advertising structures, such as billboards or road signs. Elements of interior advertising, exhibition and demonstration stands of various shapes and purposes are also made of composite sheets. In the case when the idea of a designer or constructor is vivid and extraordinary but is hard to implement, ACPs will solve all construction issues. Moreover, they easily imitate a mirror, wood, stone.

Where it is better to buy ACP

It should be remembered that it is better to entrust installation to specialists with extensive experience of project execution, a long track record of success, and all required permissions and licenses. Otherwise, you won’t obtain all benefits. Looking for aluminium composite panels in Sydney, consider Glamour Décor company for your upgrade. Dedicated to quality and committed specialists will suit your needs and budget.


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