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CBD Hemp Flower, Special Sauce — Smokable Cannabidiol Guide


When it comes to getting into cannabidiol for the first, the most common doubts are related to things like how it works, whether it is safe and legal, and how to properly consume it. Along with the many presentations you can find in the market right now, there are smokable versions of the product known as CBD hemp flowers.


In this article, I will provide a quick, simple guide on how to properly use smokable CBD, its benefits, whether it is safe or not, discuss some legal matters, and why you might want to consider smokable cannabidiol over its other counterparts.


Discussing Cannabidiol as a Medical Alternative


Now, the most usual reason why people decide to try out cannabidiol is that it has gained a lot of popularity as a medical alternative, replacing medical cannabis and more traditional drugs.

The motivation behind its usage is rather simple: as a form of treatment, it has managed to gain popularity in dealing with inflammation, alleviating pain, relieving insomnia and anxiety, as well as panic attacks. It has also been proven to help out people who suffer from epileptic seizures, being capable of reducing seizures by up to 32%.


Since cannabidiol-based products don’t contain THC, a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that causes us to get high whenever we smoke or consume the plant, it is also much more reliable than medical cannabis alternatives. This also makes it a good alternative for pets, which is the reason why many pet owners have started to use it.


But why would consume CBD instead of regular drugs? Well, in comparison to regular drugs, cannabidiol can be much safer in the long-term run, with the only risk being interactions with alcohol and other medicines. Also, most side-effects are harmless and can be avoided by reducing the dosage, as mentioned in this article.


There are risks of suffering from liver damage, but the damage caused by cannabidiol is much lower than the one caused by drugs aimed towards relieving pain, sleeping disorders, and depression. Side-effects like diarrhea, dry mouth, drowsiness, red eyes, and vomiting can, as mentioned earlier, be pretty much avoided if you take an adequate dosage.


Legality of Cannabidiol

Just like medical cannabis, cannabidiol has been legalized in many places around the U.S as long as the reasons for using it are medical, only to alleviate a certain physical or mental condition.

Still, you should make sure to research whether it is legal where you live, and, research the product you are about to purchase. Most CBD products can be found online, in a great variety of presentations and brands. You should, at the very least, make sure that the product has a certificate of analysis providing all the content information.

Most CBD-based products should have no more than 0.3% of THC, but there are exceptions where the THC levels reach 0.5 to 0.8%. Still, this is not enough THC to cause a psychoactive reaction in the consumer, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Ways of Consumption: Smokeable CBD Flower

Now, here’s where we talk about the many ways you can consume CBD. The most common form of CBD you can find is CBD oil, which is consumed through the mouth. This, along with edibles, might take some time to kick in because of how digestion works.


Still, although the effect tends to be milder in comparison to the effect of a smokable strain of cannabidiol, the effects usually last for a longer period of time because of how it is absorbed slower by the bloodstream. Of course, you can get more detailed information about the differences between eating, vaping, or taking CBD oils if you want.


Now, smoking vaping cannabidiol is very recommended for people that suffer from a certain pain-inducing disease. There are many examples, but the most common ones are related to inflammation since cannabidiol can also reduce inflammation with a lot of effectiveness. Diseases and conditions like arthritis, cancer, joint pain, kidney problems, and more, are good examples.


The reason for this is that smokable CBD tends to kick in much, much faster than edibles and oil. This happens because CBD is absorbed faster through the lungs, and not only provides a quicker effect but a stronger one, too.


Although the results vary, it is usual that smokable cannabidiol provides a shorter effect in comparison to oils and edibles. With that said, it depends entirely on the amount consumed as well as the person consuming it.


Even though smoking might not cause problems like stomachache and side-effects like vomiting and diarrhea, it is a form of smoking, so there are risks of lung-related complications. With that said, if the strains are used for medical reasons and used accordingly, it should not be a cause for worries.


There are many examples of CBD strains, but if you visit this link https://cheefbotanicals.com/product/cbd-hemp-flower-special-sauce/, you’ll get a good example of how a strain looks and works. Most strains tend to have a sort of flavor to them, with this one being special sauce. Another common flavor is grapefruit, but there are also unflavored ones with a woody taste to them.


Most CBD strains come with something known as terpenes as well, which are compounds found in plants that provide them with their specific smells. Terpenes add a natural, smoky, and woody flavor to the scent of the plant, and add health benefits as well as enhancing the benefits provided by CBD.


Overall, I would recommend going for smokable cannabidiol, but there are many alternatives to pick from, so you can try each one and decide for yourself. If you are a pet owner, though, you might try getting snacks instead!

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