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Bring your creativity to life with HUAWEI Y7a


Keep up with the latest social media trends and share your wonderful life with the HUAWEI Y7a as your right-hand man. The HUAWEI Y7a has two powerful features that help meet your photography needs: a fantastic quad camera system and 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge. With 128GB of storage, there’s room for all the photos and videos you can take. Using the tricks and tips discussed here, you can create social media posts that will take the internet by storm.


Take crisp photos all day long with High-res and Night Modes

The HUAWEI Y7a comes with a rear quad-camera including: a 48MP HD primary camera, an 8MP 120° ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2MP macro lens and a 2MP depth lens. The camera supports High-res Mode and allow direct output of 48MP photos. Even when they are cropped or zoomed, the photos still have a great resolution and fine image quality.

The HUAWEI Y7a camera is also highly photosensitive and features a built-in Night Mode, allowing you to take clear photos, even at night and in low light conditions.


Try using Ultra-wide-angle, Aperture Mode for portrait shots

An ultra-wide angle camera produces a broader field of view, meaning you will have no problem taking group shots with all your friends. The HUAWEI Y7a’s ultra-wide-angle camera is also perfect for accentuating even the most slender of figures – when shooting from a low angle, for instance, when the photographer crouches down.


The camera’s built-in Aperture Mode feature also allows you to add bokeh effects to the background that draws attention to the subject, creating portraits shots that look dreamy and eye-catching.

Try the Smart Collage layout to build atmosphere and create a strong feeling of being on the scene

When sharing pictures to your social media, instead of just posting a random assortment of photos, try using HUAWEI Y7a’s handy Smart Collage feature to improve the style of your photos. This feature is perfect for grouping together photos of the same theme, such as people, architecture or food, to create a stronger sense of atmosphere. The Smart Collage feature on the HUAWEI Y7a Gallery selects between two and nine photos from albums and automatically groups them together in various ways, helping you to quickly share more engaging photos with your friends.


Make sure to download the social media apps you want. You can search for and download the apps you need to create more interesting content through the AppGallery or through the Petal Search widget which is pre-loaded on your home screen. The apps included on Petal Search include those from AppGallery as well as more from third-party platforms.


Additionally, the HUAWEI Y7a stands out thanks to its sleek design, large 6.67-inch HD screen and outstanding battery life (5000mAh battery + 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge). It is currently on sale at the Huawei Experience Store Accra Mall as well as recommended retail shops, with prices starting at just GHS1,119. For those who love to take photos and videos, unleash your creativity with the HUAWEI Y7a!




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