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Blowchem Secures HACCP Quality Certification


Blowchem Industries Limited, producers of Bel-Aqua and Bel-Beverages has attained the HACCP Status.

This was revealed at a certificate presentation ceremony and press launch organized in Tema, in which the Food and Drugs Authority handed HACCP certificates to the company and its HACCP team.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is  a food safety management and production practice system   that drives all production and operational processes of a manufacturing company towards a controlled standardize regime that reduces hazards,  promotes food safety, reduces cost of production and enhances employee safety.

Deputy CEO of the Food and Drugs Authority, Akua Owusua Amartey in her address to the press highlighted the benefits of HACCP to customer confidence. According to her, consumers are assured of a sustained level of quality with products from companies who operate under the HACCP principles. This is because food safety and hazard controls are implemented in a coordinated and sustained manner in an attempt to guarantee a high level of quality.


Consequently, With HACCP, consumers of Bel-Aqua and Bel-beverages can expect high quality consumer products at all times- a renewed confidence that comes with good manufacturing processes, minimization of production hazards and high food safety.

Commercial Manager of Blowchem Industries Limited, Ruben Kordorwu, lauded the efforts and dedication of the Blowchem HACCP team and the heads of departments to rally around the common goal of achieving the HACCP status.

“Our division and departmental heads rose to the occasion to lead their teams in conformity, not only for their personal achievements, but due to the overreaching importance of HACCP to Blow Chem, its customers and employees he told the press and stakeholders.

He urged customers to patronize Blowchem’s products with a  renewed sense of confidence in  their improved quality standards.

“For a manufacturing company like Blow Chem who churns out millions of units of consumer products a day, securing customer confidence is vital. We want our customers to consume  Blow Chem products with a sense of assurance that food quality and safety is assured. This is what adhering to HACCP principles grants us.”

Also addressing the press, Head of Food Industrial Support Services of the FDA, Kofi Essel applauded Blowchem Industries Limited for its commitment to improving the safety standards of its operations.

“ I applaud Blow Chem for not giving up even in the face of the tough challenges as the company strived to achieve  the HACCP status. “

He urged management of the company to stick to the HACCP systems and its principles in order to maintain the certification, and also uphold the  high standards of production for the benefit of its customers.

Head of Operations of Blow Chem Industries Limited, Hari Rughani who spoke on behalf of the Board of Directors, reiterated the commitment of the board to sustain the standards achieved under HACCP.

“As directors, we wish to pledge our support to the team in adhering to the principles of HACCP, and also continue the collaboration with our regulators to ensure continues improvement in the safety of our operations and products”, he said.


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