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Are you sure you can handle the stress?- Berla Mundi asks fans who want to be like her


A media job requires a lot of sacrifices, from waking up at odd times to get to work and working late into the night, the job can take a toll on the person.

The job, however, has a lot of perks, including fame, glamorous clothes, freebies and whole lot more.

The glamour in the job becomes a source of attraction to people who are watching from the outside and TV Personality, Berla Mundi is cautioning against that.

According to the TV3 New Day host, she has received a lot of comments from fans who keep saying they want to be like her. However, she wants to know if they will still be willing to be like her if they knew the sacrifices she makes daily.

“Those of you who keep saying you want to be like me, are you sure you can handle the stress that comes with this job? 😃” she shared on Instagram.

She continued; “it’s not for the faint-hearted. I’m running on sleep deprivation, still have a lot of studying to do to improve on my questions for my interviews , especially newspaper review(because you are as good as your last performance), barely have a social life because I’m always reading or listening to, or watching the news or documentaries , and preparing for my crazy schedules. So again I ask, are you sure you want to do this? Are you ready to make major sacrifices?

Berla however, agrees that “the end results are beautiful and fulfilling.”

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