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Actress Etty Bedi Apologizes For Poking Her Nose In The ‘Love Affair’ Of Colleague, Christable Amoabing


Actress and model, Etty Bedi has apologized to her colleague, Christabel Amoabing after she blasted the latter for unnecessarily disturbing the ears of her followers with issues about her failed love relationship.

It will be recalled that about three days ago, Etty Bedi out of the blue to took her Instagram page to indirectly threw jabs at Christabel Amoabing.

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Soon after Etty’s video, Christabel Amoabing also went live on her Instagram page and blasted Etty Bedi for attacking her for no reason and warned her to back off.

After that little encounter between the two, the ‘Inside Out’ actress has finally apologized to Christabel in tweets she shared on her Twitter page.

According to Etty Bedi, she has received a lot of calls, countless DMs, comments, concerning her issue with Christabel Amoabing.

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Etty Bedi finally apologized for poking her nose in the business of Christabel Amoabing and said she doesn’t have the energy to fight her.

Etty Bedi wrote: “I’m tired of this Shi* mehn The calls, dm, comments, I just wanna live in peace so I’m sorry to everyone here n the lady’s business I interfered I was wrong to do that n I don’t have the energy to drag this cos it might get dirty.”

She also added: “with all the stuff u do behind scenes.. hmmm looks really are deceptive but let’s cut it. It’s not the place to wash our dirty clothes. Let’s respect ourselves

See the tweets below

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