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Ackeem Henry talks about his groundbreaking natural hair formula and plans for Ghana


Ackeem Henry is a trailblazing entrepreneur and CEO of Midnight Roots.  His experiences in developing an organic formula has the beauty world talking.

In embracing the heritage and roots of African hair and beauty, Ackeem has developed a naturally enhancing hair growth formula, H.G.E, without harmful chemical components, (GMOs, parabens, silicones and sulphates).

I spoke with Ackeem, who is a big advocate of all natural and organic, chemical-free cosmetics for the African woman, about how he aims to create job opportunities in Ghana, train the next generation of beauty industry leaders with handcrafted products, and more.

How did Midnight Roots start?

In early 2018, our visionary, Ackeem Henry found that there was quite a common trend in coconut. Shops everywhere were beginning to stock a lot more coconut products, such as coconut oil. Local to where Ackeem lives, a shop with a vegan restaurant opened selling a wide range of coconut products. Ackeem was intrigued and began to take an interest, reading up on the properties of coconut and the benefits of its usage.

After gaining valuable scientific insight from his research, Ackeem began looking into other natural and organic plants and essential oils and organic root extracts, such as Ylang Ylang and the Damask Rose plant, not knowing he was getting closer to formulating our signature H.G.E formula.

Midnight Roots began when Ackeem approached an initial business partner in hopes of developing a solution for growing back healthy hair. In January 2017, she tested a friend’s newly launched hair straighteners to write a review for an online magazine. The straighteners were great, but she had made a big mistake. She left her hair in a straightened state for 4 weeks. She moisturized her hair but paid little attention to her scalp. When washday came, her hair did not fully return to its natural 4c curl pattern. Her hair became dry and refused to grow. From this point onwards, she went back to the drawing board and began purchasing a number of products to solve her problem.

Around the same time, Ackeem happened to be conducting research about natural ingredients, so when Ackeem realised this struggled many black women face to find a product to help retain moisture and enhance healthy hair growth, this ignited his curiosity as to why this was the case. He continued to research and finally, Ackeem formulated the three key natural and organic ingredients into our luxury H.G.E formula.

How long did it take you to develop your naturally enhancing hair growth formula, from the time you envisioned it?

It took me 4 years to develop it.

What was the growth process like, the challenges and how you overcame them?

A nightmare and a blessing because of course, it is important for us to deliver quality products to our target audiences. To really ensure that they appreciate it and that it is good for the health of their scalp. I also feel blessed any time I receive great feedback and enthusiastic comments on the products and how it has helped them.

What range of products do you currently have?

Only Hair Growth Enhancement (H.G.E) Scalp Ointment Formula

What make your products truly unique and different from what is on the market?

Our choice of ingredients, how we handcraft it and it’s uniquely balanced with clinical and therapeutic properties being the focus. The ingredients complement each other’s properties to deliver efficient results rather than neutralising each other out, if they are not uniquely balanced. If you mix too many ingredients together, all they do is cancel each other out. That’s why I carefully developed the HGE formula with adept composition of the ingredients.

How have people received your products, which people and demographics use the products most?

The reception has been overwhelming since our journey began. We realized that Black, African women are particularly drawn to it because they contain natural and organic ingredients. The products are devoid of harmful chemicals like GMOs, parabens, silicones and sulphates. That’s why Black women around the world have been enthused about receiving such products with naturally enhancing hair growth formula, H.G.E, which I developed. For them, it’s not just fashion but showcasing a lifestyle of healthy hair and healthy living in general.

What are your plans for Ghana and Africa?

We aim to centralise our expansion in Ghana and grow our line of products for larger production. In so doing, create and foster job opportunities in the country and continue to develop the next generation of hair and beauty industry experts.

Do you source raw materials from Africa, if not do you intend to?
Not yet, but we do intend to. Because we strongly believe that the natural quality of raw materials from Africa is essential to our values of further promoting a healthy scalp, hair texture and beauty through organic products.

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