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Abortion Is not Good! Don’t Wait Till You Are Rich Before You Give Birth – Tracey Boakye Tells Fans (+ Screenshot)


Ghanaian actress Tracey Boakye has a piece of advice to his hundreds of thousands of followers.

The actress and philantropist is advising young people not to wait until they are rich before they think of having children.

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She also advised the youth against aborting unwanted pregnancies. In her own words, the act is not a “good” thing. It’s either you abstain, protect yourself or you give birth when you get pregnant.

Tracey Boakye shared this piece of advice with his fans on Instagram.

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According to the actress, her handsome son Kwaku Danso Yahaya is a living testimony to this advice.

Tracey backed her points with the fact that the future cannot be foretold. Aborting your pregnancy or waiting till you get rich before you give birth might be a blockade to you ever giving birth.

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