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8 Ways to Style Leather Jacket


From the star-studded red carpets to the formal conference rooms, from the hustling sports fields to a fun-filled concert, a leather jacket can accompany you anywhere!

A leather jacket has been a classic wardrobe staple for many decades, and is not going out-of-fashion anytime soon. This piece of clothing can be pulled off in any season and with any look, only if you know how to style it.

Fortunately, there are countless ways to style a leather jacket to keep your look cool and chic, regardless of how many times you have worn it.

Continue reading to get inspired and to bring your leather game to the next level.

1.    Generate a Little Pop of Color with a Vibrant Jacket

Monochrome looks with a leather jacket are all the rage, but you will be astonished to see what you can do with a vibrant colored leather jacket! Lucky for us, leather jackets now come in a variety of colors and styles. You can get custom leather jackets according to your personality and style to make an impressive appearance at any party!

Just slide on a red jacket over a simple plain-looking tee and a dark-colored pair of pants to set the hearts and eyes on fire.

2.    The Exquisite Black on Black Look

If you don’t have a black leather jacket, we don’t consider you a leather-fan. The classic black-on-black look is what a leather jacket is made for! There is something about a black-on-black ensemble that you can never go wrong with it. Either it is just a regular casual day or partying out with friends. A black leather jacket over a black outfit is the perfect combo of chic and comfort. Even if you want a little pop of color with this monochrome look, you can make that happen! Just put on your white sneakers or your tan leather boots. Rest assured, you will make the guys envious, and the girls look at you twice!

3.    Rugged and Casual

Want to elevate your casual outdoors look with minimum effort?

All that you would have to do is to put on a ravishing and stylish leather jacket over that simple tee, and voila! You will be surprised with what a leather jacket can do to your otherwise ordinary outfit. Pair this look with ripped jeans or a pair of cargo pants, and you are good to go for any of your outdoor adventures while making the heads turn.

4.    Chic Up Those Formals

Going to a formal dinner party and want to give a snazzy look to go with your boring formals? Well, a leather jacket is the way to go! This piece of clothing is so versatile that you can pull this off brilliantly with casuals as well as formals with minimum upkeep!

A leather jacket draped effortlessly over your formal shirt will make you look stylish and sophisticated even in a boring professional gathering.

5.    Elevate your Work Outfit

Want to make a style statement while looking your confident self at the office? Add a formal leather jacket to update your work outfit effortlessly.

There are various styles to rock a leather jacket with formals. Either you are wearing a jumpsuit, a shirt, a blouse, pants, or a skirt – sliding on a leather jacket will make your colleagues asking you for style tips all day! Plus, sliding on a pair of heels can complete your look and make you look like you have just hopped out of a fashion magazine!

6.    Spruce Up the Casual Look

We have all had those lazy, winter evenings where we just don’t want to get out of those old comfy jeans, right? Well, if you don’t want to, you should not have to! A leather jacket, like always, can come to your rescue. Just throw on your leather jacket, slide on your sneakers, and boom! Nobody would be able to tell that you are wearing your oldest jeans or your faded tee underneath.


7.    Never Go Wrong with a Turtleneck

Who doesn’t love a snug and warm turtleneck on a frosty winter day? However, wearing it may make up for a boring and monotonous outfit, if not styled correctly. Wearing a leather jacket over a turtleneck will surely do the trick!

Plus, it does not matter where you wear it; this combo is perfect for all kinds of events and gatherings. Going out to get some chores done or going to the office, hanging out with your girlfriends to binge-watch gossip girls, or going to a dinner party– you can never go wrong with a leather jacket draped on a turtleneck!

8.    Turn the Heads by Pairing it Up with a Chic Bag

If there is one accessory in the fashion world that can complete any ensemble, it is a handbag! And what could be better than a contemporary and practical leather bag to go with your leather jacket? We all loved Serena van der Woodsen when she aced the leather jacket with a leather tote bag! So, why not do the same!

Pair up your leather jacket with a similar-colored leather tote or a handbag, and the look will be flawless!

Summing up

Many people are now focusing on clothes that are functional, versatile, long-lasting, and fashionable, all at once. And a leather jacket certainly fills the shoes! It not only works for every season and every look; it works equally well for both men and women! All it needs are the perfect accessories and the right colors, and you can pull off a leather jacket with any outfit!

So, don’t wait anymore! Pull off your leather jacket from your wardrobe right now and look like a fashionista at any gathering!

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