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7 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Archery


Archery is one of the oldest sports around. It has been practiced by a multitude of people all over the world, and various cultures have their own version of the art. The art of archery was first developed over 10,000 years ago, many years before the first agricultural civilizations were able to rise. It was used by the very first hunter-gatherers to hunt and provide food for their tribes. Nowadays, we don’t really have to hunt to get food, however, archery is still a popular pastime. What makes archery so popular though? Why should you consider archery as a pastime or sport? Below we delve into some reasons why you should take up archery: 

Great Conditioning Exercise

Although it may not look it, archery is in fact a very effective form of exercise. The act of drawing a bow takes a great deal of arm and core strength. Not only do you need the strength to pull back a bowstring, but you will also need core strength to keep your whole body stable.  You’ll be surprised at how much effort it takes to shoot an arrow effectively, and how much energy it takes to finish a shooting exercise. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be sweating buckets after a trip to the archery range. 

Improves Hand to Eye Coordination


The ability to hit a small target with an arrow from a hundred yards away takes a great deal of hand to eye coordination. 


Learning how to properly shoot a bow could be somewhat difficult at first, and it could feel somewhat unwieldy. However, the more you work at it, the more natural it will feel. So if you practice archery on a daily basis, it will help you hone your hand to eye coordination. 

It Is Very Relaxing

Archery is surprisingly relaxing. As intense looking as it may be, the act of drawing a bow could really relieve your stress levels. There is a certain beauty in putting all your focus on one goal, and in this case, the main goal is to hit the target.  This one act of single-mindedness allows you to zone out and completely forget your problems. It allows you to truly be in the moment, and lose yourself to very familiar motions. The notching of the arrow, the pulling of the bowstring, and the aiming at the target. Once you take that shot, and it hits the target that sense of accomplishment is incredible.

You Could Branch Out to Other Hobbies

One of the best things about taking up archery is the fact that you’ll be able to branch out to other archery based hobbies such as hunting and or the traditional Japanese art of Kyudo. There are many forms of archery, and each of them has their own forms, equipment and history. So by taking up archery, you are opening yourself up to new experiences that will help you gain new skill sets and friends along the way.

It Is Surprisingly  Affordable

Although archery entails you to buy a bow and arrow set, it is not a particularly  expensive hobby to take up. There are some composite bows that cost around a thousand dollars, however there are still some alternative bows that are more budget friendly. Beginner archery sets are very affordable, and you could get into the hobby easily. 

Aside from the bow and arrow set, you should also buy arm guards and eye protection. Remember that the bowstring could snap at any time, and you don’t want the string to ricochet into your eyes. When you buy eye protection it is best that you buy from established companies such as Fetop. 

This company has provided eye-protection for decades now, and they boast top-quality eyewear. If you want to purchase these products, you should check out fetoptics.com. Here you’re guaranteed of quality and convenience when placing orders as processing is easily done online. 

Aside from eye protection, you could also add sights and other accessories to your bow. However, these accessories could be a bit expensive. So if you are going to take up archery, you should have a set budget and only buy the basic equipment first. 

It Helps You Develop Patience

If there is one thing you should know about archery, it is that it takes a lot of work and time to fully master. You could develop a working knowledge of the art, in a few days. You could get the rudimentary movements down pat within a few months. However, it takes years of dedicated practice to master the art of archery.

To be able to hit a moving target a hundred  yards away takes consistency. Veteran archers have even admitted to shooting hundreds of arrows a day, in order to get their form right. Their forearms and finger develop calluses because of the constant practice that they go through. So if there is one great quality that you will develop through archery, it is patience.

It Has Incredible Historical Ties

Aside from the mental and physical advantages of archery, yet another reason to practice it is its incredible historical ties. By practicing the art of archery, you are honoring the very first hunter- gatherers who went into the forests or jungles to catch food for their tribes. 

By being an archer you are honing time honored skills practiced by the English Yeomen, Apache warriors, Japanese Samurai and so much more. The art of archery is closely tied to our collective history as a species, and it should be honoured and practiced by future generations.


Archery has long been a part of human civilization, and it has evolved throughout the centuries. It is also a worthwhile hobby to take up with a good number of benefits. By knowing the benefits of archery, you’ll be able to take up the sport with as much fervor as possible.

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