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6 Incredible Ways to Choose Fashion Jewelry That You Never Thought Of


Jewelry is one of the best ways to make you stand out from a crowd. You can be classy, punk-rock, edgy, feminine, or whatever eye-catching style that you wish to have.


While fashion jewelry might not be a six-digit accessory that will sparkle its way through fashion success, there are nifty ways to choose the right fashion jewelry for you in ways that you’ve never thought of. That way, you’ll stand out in many ways possible without the expense attached to it.


Here are some incredible techniques and ways to choose and pick your fashion jewelry:


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Go For The Vintage Look


There will always be a risk of faux jewelry looking too shiny and cheap. That’s the attention that you don’t want to have.


So a nice tip to stay classy when the situation calls for it? A vintage jewelry look.


If you want your fashion jewelry to go beyond the generic jewelry that you can simply buy from a store, go for the vintage look to add more character and depth to your style. Embrace the natural look of metals. Look for wholesale jewelry pieces that have earthy tones — think rustic gold. If you’re adding a pop of color to your fashion jewelry, have it from gemstones or pearls.


Vintage fashion jewelry doesn’t have too much shine in them; however, its style is focused on how intricate a piece is. From raw metalworks to etches and embedded designs. Let the jewelry speak for itself.


  1. Scale Your Jewelry With Your Outfit

When matching your jewelry with your outfit, it’s more than just making sure that you picked the right necklace for your shirt’s neckline. The best way to see if your fashion jewelry goes well with what you’re wearing is to look at the big picture.


To do that, you have to start with the size of your jewelry. Scaling your jewelry with your outfit is a foolproof way to choose which fashion jewelry goes best with what you’re wearing. The general way is to NOT match the sizes —small jewelry pieces for busy and big prints while clunky pieces go best for small and simple outfits.


The reason why you should take note of the scaling of your outfit is that you don’t want your jewelry to get lost within the design or clash it that it’s going to look bad.


  1. Match The Jewelry With The Print Shape


Matching the features of your jewelry to the features of your outfit is not something that everyone thinks about. But, it adds another level of cohesiveness to your style. It’s more than just the length of your necklace or how many bracelets you’re going to wear.


So if you’re wearing a dress or a shirt that has bold prints (like zigzags or stripes, for example), wear fashion jewelry pieces that mimic the shape of your clothes. For example, you don’t pair hoop earrings and collar necklaces if you’re wearing angled stripes. In the same way, you may want to not wear jewelry with sharp edges with polka dots.

  1. Know When To Layer And When To Keep It As Is


As far as the saying goes that less is more —sometimes, more is more too. You just have to know when to keep it less and when to keep it all-out.


When it comes to necklaces, pay attention to the neckline. If there’s a substantial space between your exposed neck and the neckline of your clothes, then you can safely layer things up. For example, if it’s a tube top or a sweetheart neckline.


But if you still want to rock a turtleneck while wearing three necklaces, then keep your jewelry loose. Pick the wholesale necklaces that have longer lengths to not clash it with your outfit.


As for bracelets, follow your sleeve length. Chunky or cuff bracelets look great with sleeveless options. On the other hand, thin chains will complement well with long sleeves.


  1. Don’t Always Follow The Trend


When choosing which fashion jewelry to buy, you naturally gravitate to the newest trends and styles. That’s a great move if you want to go for the look of a trendy, chic lady but if you want your accessories to mirror your personality, you might want to consider choosing the pieces that speak to you.


Hence, don’t be afraid to go outside the box. Find your own style! Experiment a little. Pick the jewelry that you would never think to pick up when browsing the catalogs. You’ll never know, that might be the catalyst to you finding a new and great fashion style.


That said, look for fashion jewelry boutiques that offer pieces that are a little more unique compared to other shops. It might be themed jewelry from your favorite childhood show or a piece of quirky, random jewelry.


  1. There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Comfort Zone


That said, there’s nothing wrong with choosing your go-to fashion jewelry! If you‘re not in the mood to choose something new, then you’re not going to feel confident in your outfit.


What you can do is to try to mix things up with your comfort fashion jewelry pieces. Just because you don’t buy new ones, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them in a new way. A lot of people don’t realize that you can actually revamp your old jewelry pieces.


For example, instead of wearing your necklace as a necklace, why not fashion it up as a layered bracelet? If you have a pair of showstopper earrings, why not just wear one piece and pair it up with a simple earring stud to create a dramatic, high-fashion look? Your bracelets can double up as anklets too!


There are a lot of ways to choose and style fashion jewelry. Sometimes, you don’t need to buy new pieces — just go through your jewelry box and get creative! That way, you’ll still wear your favorite jewelry piece without looking too boring. You also can get some new thoughts and inspirations from leading fashion jewelry suppliers such as JewelryBund so that you may come with up new ideas about how to wear or match your fashion jewelry collections or obtain the opportunities to pick up some newly released beautiful fashion jewelry styles online.


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