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5 Gifts Perfect for Mother’s Day This Year


Spring has arrived and before you know it, Mother’s Day will also be here. So why not beat the rush and come up with the perfect gift to spoil your mother with now? Our moms have done so much for us and and it is important to take the time to make sure they feel loved and appreciated. If you’re searching for inspiration for the perfect Mother’s Day gift that isn’t generic, here are a few ideas that will truly make her feel special and ensure she has a happy Mother’s Day.

1. Personalized Jewelry



You can’t go wrong with gifting your mother a timeless piece of jewelry as a Mother’s Day gift. However, it can understandably be tricky to choose jewelry for someone else so do a bit of investigation to figure out your mom’s style. Choose a necklace, pendant, or pair of earrings that are simple that she will be able to wear on multiple occasions. A sapphire pendant is a classic gift that your mother can wear throughout the years. There are an increasing number of jewelry companies focused on sustainable and conflict-free gemstones, like diamonds and sapphires. Agape Diamonds, for example, creates high-quality, lab-made diamonds and gemstones that have just has much sparkle as other jewels, and that are also ethically sourced. Watch your mom glow as she wears her new sapphire!

2. Health and Wellness Basket

Mothers deserve a bit of pampering after all the work they put into raising a family. This Mother’s Day, create a wellness basket full of self-care products for your mom. Fill it with fun items like soy candles, bath salts, face masks, lotions, and essential oils. Think small and thoughtful gifts that can help her have a home spa day. On the more serious side of health items, you can also add in a prescription discount card that your mother can use to offset the costs of any medications she may need from the pharmacy.


Healthcare isn’t cheap and it doesn’t always cover everyone’s needs, even if one has health insurance. Investing in one’s health is of the upmost importance so look into the best prescription discount card that can help your mom receive discounts on medications. The card essentially connects the user to discount programs at their local pharmacy. Sign her up for a program that will give her the prescriptions she needs at a more affordable cost. Now she will be able to relax in a bubble bath with a little more peace of mind, knowing she doesn’t have to worry about high drug prices, whether she’s buying at CVS, Walmart, or any other pharmacy.

3. Flower Subscription



Flowers are a classic gift that are always a great choice for a Mother’s Day gift. Send your mom a special Mother’s Day bouquet delivery to brighten her special day. Specially pick a bouquet full of her favorite flowers, whether they are sunflowers, tulips, lilies, or red roses. Or, gift her an orchid that will long outlast a bouquet and she can enjoy as it continues to blossom over the seasons. If you’d like, give your mom something more than just a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers on Mother’s Day.


You can also keep the flowers coming by gifting your mom a flower subscription. Each month, a local florist will send your mom a new and unique flower bouquet full of the fresh cut flowers of the month. This way, your mom will get a surprise each month of the year that will brighten her house year-round.

4. Memory Book



Over the years, you and your mom have created countless memories together. This Mother’s Day, put these memories into a book that both of you can enjoy flipping through together. Create a scrapbook or a photo book with photos from your childhood, family vacations, summers, holidays, and really any of the best moments together. Add in small tokens like drawings and poems you made for her when you were young, captions of some of your stories from childhood, or tickets from trips. A memory book is the perfect way to memorialize your relationship with your mom. This is a gift she will always cherish and that will allow her to relive favorite memories with her children.

5. Quality Time


Nothing beats spending quality time with your mother on her special day. Your options are endless when it comes to activities to do with your mom. Cook a special meal for her, bring her breakfast in bed, take her out to high tea, make a picnic and take it to the beach, or go on a drive and see where the road takes the two of you. Spend time outdoors and go for a hike, work in the garden together, or go fruit picking. You may also want to gift your mother an experience together, such as taking a painting or a cooking class, going to a winery and doing a tasting, or even doing something a bit adventurous like skydiving. Get creative and have fun. Remember that no matter the age, there is never a better time to do something out of the ordinary and make new memories with your mom.

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