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2021 World Book Day: Ghana Literary Foundation Launch “Ghana Book Club”


To mark the 2021 UNESCO World Book day which is celebrated world over on the 23rd of April every year, the Ghana Literary Prize Foundation which was launched 7 years ago at the British Council Accra on 14th June 2014 has initiated a Ghana Book Club, which is aimed at encouraging book reading among Ghanaians thereby enhancing literacy.

The Ghana Book Club is all about selecting exceptional books written by Ghanaians in the field of Literary Fiction, Non Fiction and Children’s book, and an international book by a non Ghanaian ,one from each category and promote it for public reading for a month and organize a meet for those that read the books to come together and discuss the books as well as an have interactive session with the authors that are available.

The Technical Director of the Book Club, Selassie Davies Lore, a former UN volunteer expressed concern over the decline in the reading culture of our society.

“it is becoming alarming the decline in the reading culture of our society , and we saw the need to raise this by initiating a Ghana Book Club which will keep discussion on books and reading in the public domain every month , we are of the belief that this will go a long way in endearing average members of the society into reading, creative writing, and also assist our publishing industry as well’’

Technical Director of the Book Club, Selassie Davies Lore

Technical Director of the Book Club, Selassie Davies Lore

“We are encouraging Ghanaians to come on this adventure with us and are also soliciting for assistance of the entire Ghanaians in pursuing this goal of introducing an exciting and rewarding activity to celebrate the best books and their authors in the Ghanaian community. ” She concluded

The Monthly book club will be featuring The Return Series in honour of the literary works of Diaspora Africans that have returned to Ghana, in an effort of appreciating their bravery for taking the homecoming initiative, thereby strengthening Ghana’s position as a destination of choice for Africans in the Diaspora world over, as well as the amplifying the effort of the BEYOND THE YEAR OF RETURN Project.

In Support of the project EPP Books one of the leading Book Distribution and Services Company in the nation has donated Books valued at Ghc 785 to the Book Club in which the Ghana Book Club has selected two works among the 4 books for reading in the Month of May.

Books are proven metaphorical passport to other’s experience and situations, a wondrous trip to diverse cultures and societies. The shortest way to travel is by reading we invite you to join us on this journey.

Ghana Book Club Readings for  April-  May.
1. Ghanaian Fiction of the Month
Book Title: Sons of the Skroll the eagle is home.
About the Book
Cougar’s best friend calls them nightmares but Cougar knows the scary dreams that have overtaken his life are premonitions. He believes someone’s life is in danger and for some unexplained reasons he shares a strong bond with this character who keeps appearing in his dreams.
The urge to save this endangered character grows stronger with each passing day. is he delusional or is he right about the struggle for a crown and a plot to slay the only living son of the scroll?
Available on all EPP Bookshops nationwide.
Author:  Diana Bamford McBagonluri holds an MA in English Literature from Rosemont, PA USA, a BA in English Education from the University College of Education, Winneba, Ghana
2.International  Book of the Month.
Book Title: The Lucky One
Author Deborah Cowley with Photos by Kathy Knowles.
About the Book
Massawudu, a 10-year-old boy from Ghana, was born with crooked legs and feet and was unable to walk. He loved school and enjoyed being in the library. His favourite book was Sosu’s Call, about a boy called Sosu who couldn’t walk.
A meeting with a Canadian filmmaker changed his life. Will Massawudu be able to walk again? Find out in this true story.
Osu Children’s Library Fund created the book to celebrate the human spirit and to promote reading and literacy.
Available on all EPP Bookshops nationwide
3.       Non Fiction Book of the Month
Book Title:  Silence is Not Golden’
Silence is not a woman’s best garment as some 16th-century proverb would have us believe. In many situations, speech is golden rather than silver. Emotion suppression has sunk many into various heartrending situations of depression.
People have suffered high blood pressure, poor memory, breakdown in immune system, insomnia, and other forms of poor psychological or physiological conditions due to the habit of bottling up emotions.
Why keep silent to prove that you are strong when in truth you are being weakened by it? Why carry that issue that burns within the recesses of your soul to your grave and deny the living lessons and wisdom from your story?
Call this book the voice of the voiceless and you cannot be truer. It echoes the often-overlooked cry of many women and captures the enduring frustrations of some families out there in the real world.
Available in Shell Shops in Ghana
Author: Kafui Danku
Ghanaian Filmmaker.
4. The Return Series 1.
Author:Seestah IMAHKUS
RETURNING HOME AIN’T EASY But it Sure a BLESSING chronicles IMAHKÜS and her husband’s sojourn and resettlement in Ghana.  A prolific writer, her candid sense of humour makes for an admirable, enjoyable yet serious and commendable read; evoking numerous emotions from her readers, laughter, anger, tears and a burning desire to return home to the land of their ancestors.
For Copies Contact the Ghana Book Club -whatsapp 0557717596


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