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10 Ways to Make a Small Back Yard Fun


As the weather gets warmer, having an outdoor space to spend time in is essential. You can soak up some must-have Viatmin D and enjoy the outdoors. However, if you have a small backyard, you might be feeling like that’s a little difficult to do. Here are some ways you can make a small backyard more fun!


  1. Create a pathway: Using personalized garden stones of different sizes, create pathways that the kids can run around in! Set them up in different patterns for a fun afternoon in the sun. Spirals, zig zags and intersecting lines are all great ideas for how to set up your pathways. Use the garden stones as outlines so the kids can run on the dirt or grass between them. The kids will love it!
  2. Add a tree swing: Even if your backyard is small, you probably have at least one sturdy tree back there. Attach a tree swing to it! If you don’t have a large tire on hand for the swing, a simple 2-by-4 cut down will suffice. Simply drill even holes on either end of the wooden slab (after sanding it to prevent splinters!), then use heavy duty rope to tie sturdy knots in the holes. Attach your DIY swing to a sturdy tree branch and watch the kids giggle and swing with glee on their new toy. Make sure it sits low enough that if they fall, they won’t break anything, and always have a first aid kit on hand just in case!
  3. Create a water wonderland: Do you have any unused planters hanging around? Put them to use by creating a water wonderland! Fill different sized planters with water for the kids to float their boats or any other toys. It can also serve as a water-filling station for their water guns or balloons! Switch the water out every couple of days so it doesn’t get stale or dirty.

  1. Outdoor kid kitchen: The kids can play kitchen outdoors, too! Take an old bookshelf or cabinet and take out some of the panels they don’t need – especially if it’s tall. Then, fill it with unused kitchen items (or take a trip to your local thrift store!), such as bowls, cups, spoons and more. Use a large bowl to serve as the space where they can clean their utensils or add water to their mudpies. With an outdoor kitchen, they can let their imagination run wild! Just be sure to remind them not to actually eat their muddy concoctions, though.
  2. Set up race lanes: Whether they use motorized cars or their own two feet, create makeshift race lanes in your backyard! Get creative with this: use garden flags to mark the finish line, and lay out rocks to ensure the kids stay in their lanes. Cheer them on with kazoos, bubbles and other items to make it much more fun and interactive! With a small backyard, you can instruct the kids to run from start to finish a few times because the lanes might not be very long. For younger kids, one run might just be enough!
  3. Make a movie theater: Even with a small backyard, you can still create an outdoor movie theater! Simply hang a white top sheet onto your fence and set up a projector. Some projectors can even be hooked up to your phone! Stream the kids’ favorite movies and TV shows, all from the comfort of your backyard. Pop some popcorn, grab some sodas and bring them some sour candies for a true at-home movie theater experience!
  4. Beach Volleyball: For smaller kids, using a real volleyball can be dangerous, but beach balls are much more fun! Set up a shorter volleyball net for them, and give the kiddos a large beach ball to hit over the net. They’ll have so much fun that they won’t even realize they aren’t playing the real thing! If you’re comfortable with it, buy some sand from your local hardware store and create a sand volleyball court. You don’t need as much space as you think you do for this – just enough for your kids to be on either side of the net!

  1. Set up an art easel: The outdoors is great for encouraging art activities! With the fresh air and nature scenes, the kids will have lots to inspire their art. Hang a large chalkboard from your fence or place an easel by your desk. Give your kids a variety of chalk in different sizes and colors so that they can bring their imagination to life! You could also give them chalkboard markers if they don’t like the texture of chalk. It just wipes away with soap & water!
  2. Challenge their balance: Using cut logs in a variety of heights, place tree stumps in lines and circles to create a fun and challenging balancing course. The kids will love hopping from one tree stump to another. Not only will their balance improve, but the tree stumps give an interesting addition to your backyard. You can either cut the logs yourself, or get with your local landscaper or tree trimmer to see if they have any scraps available for you to take off their hands. You’ll want to space them far enough apart that the kids have to think about their next move, but not so far apart that they might fall and hurt themselves if they aren’t careful.
  3. Add a garden: Gardening is beneficial for kids and adults alike. Even small backyards can get in on the gardening fun! Gardening teaches kids patience, science and healthy eating habits. The fresh produce you’ll get from your garden is nothing but beneficial to them! They can help with watering the plants, digging in the dirt or hauling away weeds for you. They won’t see it as a chore – they’ll see it as a fun activity you both can enjoy! Include some custom garden signs as decoration to make the space feel lively.


A small backyard doesn’t have to mean boring. By adding a few simple items to your backyard, the kids will have fun playing outside all day!

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